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Roof Repairs in Champaign

Weather Got You Down?

As a homeowner in Illinois, you are familiar with the howling winds and tumultuous storms we get in our neck of the woods. These storms can be physically damaging to your roof. One storm could blow away shingles and damage the remaining roof. This can lead to leaks into your home.

Our roofers in Champaign have over 30 years of experience and can handle any kind of roof repair you need. Call us at (855) 783-6088 today to schedule your free roof evaluation

Have You Sprung a Leak?

If your roof is leaking it needs to be fixed right away. The first thing to check is missing or displaced shingles. We will also look at your gutters to see if they contain roofing material, as this can mean damaged or missing shingles that could leave space for water to seep in. The attic is a common site for roof deck for leaks.

A leak could cause mold or mildew to grow on the beams or allow water to drip through into your rooms. In either of these situations, call our roofing team at Gire Roofing, right away. We’ll discuss your repair options and provide you with a free written estimate.

Emergency Services Are No Problem for Us

Our team at Gire Roofing is experienced in handling all type of roofing emergencies including fallen trees, weather damage, and normal wear and tear from the sun. Remember, your roof has a large burden to bear, protecting your entire home from the elements and thus taking the brunt of the damage. When you have a leak or need emergency repairs, our Champaign roofers work fast to prevent further damage.

Experience with Your Roof Type

Gire Roofing works with a wide variety of roofing materials and can handle any type of roofing job that is presented to us. Having learned from hands-on experience, we have seen all types of problems that affect Illinois residents and have worked with all types of roofs.

The various types of roofing materials we work with include:
  • Gravel
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Ceramic tile
  • Asphalt shingles

Let Gire Roofing Help You

When your roof is damaged, make sure to call the best in roofing repair. The roofers at Gire Roofing has the experience and the know-how to make sure your roof is repaired properly to prevent further leaks.

We will provide you a free estimate on the repairs. Call us today at (855) 783-6088.

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